Thursday, August 14, 2014

n seoul tower

These photos were taken in extremely low light, on a very foggy night in Seoul. The plan was up to Seoul Tower on a clear night, but my last two nights were extremely wet and foggy. This was the last night, and you couldn't see much at all due to the fog. With a little tweaking, I'm probably seeing a little more here in the photo than on the actual tower.

We took the cable cart up, but in hindsight, after waiting in the lines - line to the entrance, line to the bathroom, line to get tickets, line to get on the cable cart - it would have been more enjoyable to actually climb up the mountain, which didn't seem too bad. (And not after climbing up Huangshan the week before.) Seoul Tower was basically a lot of waiting. Of the three hours we spent there, nearly half of it was waiting. In total, the cable cart was 8 000 won and the ticket to go up the tower was 9 000 won. If I'd do it again, I'd climb up to the base of tower, which provided the first photo - benefit of not having the glass - and not go up the actual tower. The lines to take the lifts were ridiculously long for such a short height. Plus save that money!

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