Sunday, December 7, 2014

i'm in london

...and I'm so incredibly jet lagged. Two twelve hour flights and a six hour layover where I was mad enough to dash out of Beijing Airport and meet up with friends over coffee. (I had a sunset airport photo I was going to insert here, but I managed to delete it without exporting it because I'm brilliant like that.)

My friend lives in outer London, and I feel like I'm staying in Privet Drive, in one of those square brown houses. I'm incredibly charmed. That, and very exhausted. I woke up at 4:30AM this morning and read two-thirds of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and ate all the chocolate in this One Direction advent calendar. My friend picked me up from a tube station and presented it to me as a "Welcome to London!" gift. What can I say? She knows just how incredibly uncool I am.


  1. Good luck on beating jet lag! Ah you have decent-ish weather in London for the next few days. Lucky.

  2. Have an amazing time in London!

  3. Ah this looks so cozy! I'd love to be in London around this time of year. I have family there that I'm dying to see!! Enjoy your time there! :)

    1. You really should! You get to visit family and enjoy London!

  4. Oh, how exciting! Have a lovely time in London!

  5. Hope you beat that jet lag! Enjoy London!!!! :)