Thursday, July 3, 2014



Every once in a while when I get a little sick of Sydney, I look back at my Japan photos. Nothing says Tokyo like watching the Shibuya scramble. Many the nights were spent inside Starbucks facing the crossing and sipping matcha lattes. In all honesty it was because 1) it was close to where we were staying and 2) our apartment had plumbing problems. The smell was not great. To say the very, very least. They're really not lying when they talk about Tokyo's housing problems and the plumbing.

IMG_2080 Shibuya Crossing IMG_2278

This is called: tourists doing tourist things. Tourists do jump shots. Tourists stand still in the middle of a busy crossing. Tourists get stared at. Even by other tourists.


  1. The long exposure one in the middle of the crossing is stunning! Miss you.